The Dandelion’s Wish

In this sequel to The Dandelion Queen, The Dandelion’s Wish tells the tale of a dandelion’s journey into existence beginning as a seed who is gracefully blown away to an abundant flower garden.

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About The Author

Mr. Optimistic was born Leamon Scott III. After serving in the United States Army, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kean University and then began a sales management career in corporate America. During one particularly tough sales week, Leamon needed a way to motivate his team to stay positive in the face of adversity. The easiest way to accomplish this task was to simply change his name to Mr. Optimistic for the day. As spirits soared and sales grew, Mr. Optimistic became the permanent coach and team leader.

After getting married, he eventually changed career paths, selflessly supporting his family and becoming a stay-at home dad of four while staying Mr. Optimistic at every turn. After reading countless hours of bedtime stories, Mr. Optimistic decided it was time to write one of his own. Writing a book had long been a goal of his and when the opportunity finally presented itself, he wrote about the one subject that has pervaded mankind since the beginning of time. Love!

In his delightful children’s books, The Dandelion Queen, and The Dandelion’s Wish, Mr. Optimistic uses simple beauty and nature as a backdrop to illustrate the true meaning and authentic display of love and compassion. It is Mr. Optimistic’s wish that the dandelion will now come to be known as the Compassion Flower to all children great and small.